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 Course duration : eight weeks                                                Cost: 60 

The best, lifelong bond between a dog and handler is forged right from the start. To this end this course is aimed specifically at pups who have completed their primary vaccination schedule, up to approx five months of age.

All our training is positive and presented through a system of 'praise and play' - nowhere is this more important than with youngsters!
The lessons are presented as a series of games, with lots of rewards – both toys and treats.

You will be shown how to teach your pup to
sit, lie down, come when called,
with a toy and give it back when asked,

a toy,
walk on lead with you,
and greet people nicely.

We'll make a start on asking your pup to accept being handled on a table (to prepare him for future trips to the vets or groomers) an
d to accept a very brief time-out in a crate, as will happen when he travels or you simply need five minute's down-time.

As you'll be working in a class environment, your pup will also be learning how to socialise appropriately with other dogs and how to focus on you and ignore distractions.

Busy puppies!

An informal assessment is held on week seven so you can see how much progress you've made.
Certificates of Attendance are presented on week eight.

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