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The Beginners Agility group teaches beginner handlers and dogs how to negotiate the basic obstacles safely and offers a taster of the fun and partnership that can be achieved through agility.

Beginners training is offered in eight-week units which may be repeated until the instructor is assured that both dog and handler are ready to progress into Competition training.

We understand that not everybody wants to compete! The training in this group will prepare you to compete successfully at KC Grades 1-2 if competition is your thing, but you are welcome to continue to train in this group even if you're just doing agility for fun.

The Beginners group builds on the skills gained in the Foundation course, and works on the following additional areas:

Sequencing - working on short sequences of basic obstacles, the partnerships will achieve a greater understanding of working distances, timing of commands, directionals and more complex commands at speed.

Contact equipment - utilising the targeting system, and clicker training where possible, dogs are taught how to safely and correctly negotiate the large contact equipment. Speed, accuracy and safety over the contact equipment are essential. Dogs are taught the correct 'final position' on the contact equipment, and handlers are shown how to use a 'release' command.

Weaves - For the dog's long-term health and safety, weave training will not be started with youngsters under one year of age, or 18 months of age for larger, heavier-boned breeds.
Dogs will experience a variety of training methods for weave training including 'straight uprights' to encourage accuracy, 'channel weaves' to promote speed and angled weave entry, and 'V-channels' to establish stride pattern and rhythm.

Additional obstacles - such as the tyre, long-jump, spread and solid-looking obstacles such as the wall are all met when training in this group.

Recalls and Sendaways - extremely useful skills when you consider that dogs can run considerably faster than humans. Recalls and sendaways, especially over several obstacles, can be used to position yourself advantageously on the course and save valuable seconds.

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